What Previous Attendees Have Said

“Informative for my needs at this time”

Audrey N.

“Both presenters were knowledgeable in their fields and provided great information”

Dan J.

“Loved it! I would recommend the seminars to my friends – very informative”

Sandra P.

“I would recommend to others… of all ages”

Louise P.

“They covered a lot of territory, left us with a lot of food for thought”

Brenda M.

“Excellent presenters, valuable information”

Veronica W.

“Would recommend strongly, extremely helpful and practical and food for thought”

Pat S.

“Thoroughly informative. Thank you for knowledge and creative ideas”

Judy N.

“Very helpful and useful and put over in a very understandable way”

Pat S.

“Definitely learned a few things and would absolutely recommend your seminars to others”

Douglas C.

“Learned about new senior programs related to senior driving”

Carol Anne L.