Gerard Buckley

Gerard Buckley

Mortgage Agent for Mortgage Wellness


Gerard Buckley is an experienced professional with a long history of Integrity and Trust with his clients. Because of his service to customers Gerard has received many awards as a result of this service. Gerard is a recipient of The Institute of Canadian Banker’s Gold Medal for Academic Excellence and a Member of Scotiabank’s Chairman’s Club Award granted to its top Managers Globally.

With over 30 years of banking experience Gerard has helped seniors navigate their financial planning decisions that often result from life events. He is both a Seniors Mortgage Professional and a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist.

When you trust Gerard with the financing of your mortgage you are trusting a person with financial expertise, an understanding of the pressure of raising a family, and many years of knowledge gained as a lifecycle and value investor. He understands investment both from a tax perspective and building a nest egg to educate your children or grandchildren and provide for your family in retirement.

Gerard has a passion for real estate and investment and he takes pride in giving financial education to his clients. He is a frequent speaker on subjects related to Real Estate and Investment and is a frequent published author.

Mortgage Wellness has access to over 70 lenders that include Canadian Banks, Credit Unions, etc. Gerard understands that each mortgage financed may need individual terms and conditions to meet the home purchaser and their family’s requirements. Gerard has been a Condominium Board Member and President for over nine years in addition to being an independent director for a real estate resort association giving him a unique insight into Home Purchases, Real Estate, Condominium Living and Real Estate Investment.

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